If you’ve been to Los Angeles recently, you may have passed by the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood. On the roof of the Standard you’ll find the Luminous Sphere. The giant light is an artwork by conceptual artist Piero Golia, and is visible when lit from several miles away. It is sponsored by Public Art Initiative’s of LAXART, where I sit on the Board of Directors. When Luminous Sphere is turned on, it means that Piero is in town. As he is an artist with an international lifestyle, the light is often off. When Piero was asked what was the intent of the project, one of his objectives was to challenge traditional methods of communication. With this project, his friends would know when is in town. An interviewer’s snarky response to this comment was “Isn’t that what Twitter is for?” And for me, Piero responded perfectly, that having a giant light turn on atop of the rooftop of LA’s quintessential hotel was way more personal, as the people that are his colleagues and friends, know. And if you are not a personal friend of Piero’s, he hopes that the audience may conjure their own reasons for the light’s on/off pattern. – Is it on when it rains? Perhaps only on odd days of the week. Or….