ELLE DÉCOR: What was the creative impulse behind the wallpaper in the lounge?

TAMZIN GREENHILL: It was the first decision I made. I went with the Nobilis faux-bois pattern because I felt the room needed to be warmed up with texture-floor-to-ceiling windows can be cold and generic. I hung the paper horizontally so the room wouldn’t feel too cabin-y and to help the proportions of the space, since the ceilings are quite high but the room’s footprint is not that big. To differentiate the two spaces, I used two colors of the same paper.

ED: What went into your choice of colors?

TG: I wanted the room to be masculine and light, which is hard to do because one usually associates masculine interiors with dark colors. Luckily, my space had dark wood floors, which enhance the impact of the lighter colors. Then, in keeping with the dual versions of the wallpapers, for the curtains I chose two patterns of Rosa Bernal linen from Claremont, so that the color scheme of one area is the reverse of the other. For me, Bernal’s fabrics are traditional and modern at the same time.

ED: How do you keep patterned rugs from looking too busy in a room?

TG: Both the Luke Irwin ikat in the lounge and the star-pattern rug from the Rug Company in the office are understated-anything too strong or geometric would have been overpowering. The ikat has a large pattern, but it’s subdued, almost washed out.

ED: What is your favorite thing about the two spaces?

TG: They came alive thanks to Sima Familant, an art adviser who served as curator for the project. The art is an integral part of the overall look. The pieces we chose are sexy and masculine. The Anne Collier photograph above the sectional is so fitting, as it looks like an eye staring into the sun-which is actually what your eye does on the 43rd floor of a high rise overlooking the sea.

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