I thought New York was having a cold winter, but waking up to the zero degree weather of Minneapolis was a whole new level of cold! This year was the coldest winter that Minneapolis has had in thirty-five years, but there was still a lot going on and a lot to see. (You just had to make sure you bundled up!)

I visited Jim Hodges’ retrospective, Give More Than You Take, at the Walker Art Center. The exhibition—which traveled from the Dallas Museum of Art and includes approximately 75 pieces, spanning twenty-five years of his practice—included a variety of media from drawings to sculptures to room-size installations, transforming everyday objects into subtle works of art through Hodges poetic and humble touch. Further, the Walker did a fantastic job with the installation; it was truly everything that I would hope for from a museum exhibition. It was the kind of show that you can meander through and discover new things as you walk, allowing each visitor to have their own, personal experience. Each work was so poetic and the installation mirrored this.

The exhibition ended with his newest piece, which had a room all to itself. It was a huge sky made out of different pairs of jeans, all embroidered to create a big, blue sky. I highly recommend anyone in the area—and willing to travel through the cold—visit this wonderful show: http://www.walkerart.org/calendar/2014/jim-hodges-give-more-than-you-take

While I was there I stopped by First & First, a creative real estate firm that re-invigorates old spaces. Their building, The Broadway, used to be an old mattress factory that has since been re-furbished and re-conditioned into new, commercial spaces. I assist with the art in First & First’s public spaces and it was so exciting to visit and see the works fully integrated in their environment. The Broadway features Robin Rhode, Michael Sailstorfer, Kelley Walker, Damien Hirst spots, and Warhol flowers, and also includes commercial spaces such as Spyhouse Coffee, 612 Brewery, a yoga studio, and a hairdresser; it is true one-stop shopping! You can follow what they’re up to on their website: www.first-first.com or on twitter @first1_first1. Here are some images from The Broadway:

With the Walker Art Center as a corner stone, the city is a perfect spot for interesting, non-profit spaces such as Midway Contemporary. Midway is a non-profit space that provides a platform for the community to engage with contemporary art and artists. Midway has been the venue for many well-regarded artists such as Aaron Young, Jordan Wolfson, Paul Sietsema, and Ned Vena. It was the perfect way to wrap up my trip to Minneapolis! http://www.midwayart.org/index.php