Private Curator & Art Advisor



Building an art collection is an extremely personal endeavor. My role is to educate, guide and assist my clients in shaping an important collection of iconic, leading-edge contemporary art that reflects each individual client’s taste and personality, and to use my unique access to find clients the best and most important artworks available.

Using a multi-generational curatorial philosophy, we will create a collection of contemporary art that bridges various periods and is anchored by significant works which epitomize the ideologies of their time. Together we will look at art in the United States and abroad in order to understand and take advantage of the increasingly globalized art world, and to see historically significant works and site-specific projects.

In addition, my services encompass every detail of the art collecting process, from market research to negotiating discounts to making sure the work is insured properly.

While each part of the advisory process encompasses a number of services, my work falls under specific categories:

  1. Exploration of Goals
  2. Education
  3. Market Analysis
  4. Acquisition Management
  5. Collection Management
  6. Installation

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