Art is Green

The residences at Four Seasons hosted a discussion with Art Industry Professionals surrounding the theme “Art is Green” in honor of St. Patricks day. The Panel was hosted, organized, curated and led by Alexis Simon. Joining Alexis as a moderator and contributor was Gordon Moore. Other panelists included; Claire Howard, assistant curator at the Blanton Museum, Lana Carlson and Leslie Gossett, owners of House of L, and Sarah Story, executive director of Umlauf Sculpture Garden.

House of L Art Talks, SXSW 2019

Sima Familant, Art Curator and Advisor
Reine Paradis, Talk plus film Highlights
Lisa Reider, Performance artist, speaker
Carla Umlauf, Executive Director of the Umlauf Sculpture Garden

As a featured speaker at the House of L Art Talks, Sima presented her trademark lecture “Art is what you can get away with”.