The 2013 Holiday House occupies the Academy Mansion, celebrating prominent interior decorators and designers by giving them each a room to re-imagine through design. Kelley Jackson designed “Venetian Holiday,” a space that juxtaposes classic Venetian opulence with contemporary artwork. The design features Venezia’s new wallpaper — which is based on eighteenth-century embroidery — as well as a soft pink bench and mahogany cabinet both crafted by Kelley Jackson Furniture Design. 

Sima Familant curated the art for Jackson’s space, featuring a large, striking work by Kianja Strobert, at the top of the stair. From there, one meets a black and white photography by Bunny Yeager, followed by a large work by Anne Collier, a collage by Fay Raye, and an etching by Christopher Wool. These contemporary works speak in conversation with Jacksons’s traditional design aesthetic to create an inviting yet thought-provoking space.