“We mainly focus on European collections,” Jenny Chase says of her 13-year-old eponymous fashion agency, which finds and introduces new collections and young designers into the luxury market. She takes Manhattan along for a day of sales appointments, mentoring and design powwows… all before heading to Paris fashion week. Très chic! –Chadner Navarro

Giving Back

The 41-year-old Nolita resident, who studied painting in college, meets with Sima Familant, an art consultant, and Danny Kopel, the editor-in-chief of Artwrit, to discuss a silent auction benefit that chase hosted in her loft.

Spring is in the Air

During marketing seasons, Chase holds round-the-clock buying sessions with the likes of Naomi Bartee, the accessories buyer at Barneys New York Co-Op. “Meeting with buyers is like seeing your relatives every six months,” Chase says.

Emerging Talent

“I’m really drawn to brands with strong artistic quality,” Chase says. Here, she mentors Megan Marie Dodge, the designer behind the year-old NYC line Sobotka, whose fall 2012 collection includes prints inspired by vintage carpets and curtains.

Fashion Veteran

Chase reveals her secret to surviving Paris fashion week, a trip she makes at least twice a year, which is always jam-packed with sales appointments, trade shows and discovering new talent: “I meditate, and I don’t drink,” she says. “It makes the intense itinerary so much easier!”

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